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25. Bury Them Fast. A Loras Tyrell LP.

Spoilers for A Clash of Kings and episode 2x05 of "Game of Thrones." If you don't want to be spoiled, don't go any further! This mix follows a specific event!

Warnings for major angst and considerable schmoop... This mix is about Loras, but it's also about Renly. And Loras' relationship with Renly. And suns, which cannot be replaced by candles once they've set. ♥ :'( (If you get that reference, you get a cookie.)

Artwork by daredisturb. Track listing by yours truly.

1. Hero → Regina Spektor
He never ever saw it coming at all
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright

2. Remember Me as a Time of Day → Explosions in the Sky

3. Everything We Had → The Academy Is...
Well, you saw for yourself, the way it played out
For you, I am blinded
For you, I am blinded, for you

4. All I Want → Susie Suh
But do you know, it doesn't change
The way I feel about you at the end of the day

5. Indian Moon → State Radio
And I'll stand on your shoulders to watch us grow older
I can see us far along the road

6. The Hill → Markéta Irglova
Where are you, my angel, now?
Don't you see me crying?

7. Waltz No. 3 in A Minor → Frédéric Chopin

8. Wolves (Act I and Act II) → Bon Iver
Someday my pain will mark you

9. Daisy → Brand New
I'm a preacher with no pulpit
Spewing a sermon that goes on and on and on

10. Transatlanticism → Death Cab for Cutie
I need you so much closer

.zip file (with artwork) * xx = tt
Tags: ! fanmix, actor: finn jones, actor: gethin anthony, book: a song of ice and fire, other: collaboration, tv: game of thrones
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