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18. She Makes My Heart Scream Color. A George & Luna EP.

01. Colors | Barcelona

She's always waiting for me to speak
But all she hears is whitest noise
Though I may not communicate my heart
She knows the color I'm screaming

02. Let Go | Boys Like Girls

Leave your things behind
'Cause it's all going off without you
Excuse me, too busy, oh writing your tragedy
These mishaps you bubble wrap
When you've no idea what you're like

03. She's Got You High | Mumm-Ra

What's this about? I figured love would shine through
We've lost romance this world has turned so see-through
Open your mind, believe it's going to come to
Romance alive and hope she's going to tell you

04. Love At First Sight | The Brobecks

Turn the lights off
I'm falling in love with you
Wouldn't you like to, wouldn't you like to, kiss her?
Wouldn't you like to, wouldn't you like to, dance with her?

05. The Perfect Mistake | Cartel

Wake me up, I've been dreaming
Cause I haven't heard from you in days
Hazy now, this fog just follows me around
And it's only you that burns it away

.zip file (with artwork) * xx = tt


Tags: ! fanmix, ! icons, book/movie: harry potter
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