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These two are actually perfect. This is the most romantic playlist I've ever put together. Ever. Rory Williams, what are you doing to me? I kind of love it.

Ten Feet Off the Ground. A Rory & Amy Fanmix.Collapse )
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This film is heartbreaking and brilliant and flawless. To my knowledge, it's still on limited release, but you should all see it when you get the chance.

The Valley of Your Heart. A Tommy/Kathy/Ruth Fanmix.Collapse )
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For vampirebigbang 2010.

This mix accompanies eenaangel's No Matter Above Or Below.

Fic Summary: Caroline Forbes is just past seventeen when her life ends. Five years after Founders' Day, she's being pushed to face her past, accept God, and to get on with her life. Easy for them to say . . .

Girl of the Day. A 'No Matter Above Or Below' Fanmix.Collapse )
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Anyone who knows the story of the Marauders should understand the progression of this mix. This is a group of friends who loved each other fiercely and suffered too much at the hands of one of their own. Though they all made mistakes, none were quite as grave as his betrayal. In the end, there were four, but he had been replaced by another (and for good reason).

Warning: Angst, slash, character deaths. All art is based on this cast.

Put Out the Fire, Boys. A Marauders Fanmix.Collapse )
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22 August 2010 @ 07:21 am

I can touch you now.Collapse )
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Oh my God. I don't even know. I couldn't resist.

Warning: Explicit lyrics and (lots of) sexual content.

Better When You're—. An Arthur & Eames Fanmix.Collapse )
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